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[…] Know why employees resist change in the workplace? If not, explore these 12 reasons. Unfortunately, employees anywhere will not all respond to change with joy and a punch into the air saying, ‘Brilliant, yet another organizational change, I’m very excited to be a part of it!’ Given that change is here to stay, do…

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Budgeting Binder April 26, 2016

In order to get started with your business budgeting is where you should start. How come? Unless you are born into money, win the lottery etc. most likely getting a small business loan may be the other option.

If budgeting your personal life is not a priority then how will budgeting your business? Well I have the best binder you can print out and use it as you so choose.

Check out

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Mourning Prince “Purple Rain” April 22, 2016


Today is a sad day, I am one of Prince biggest fan. I am so happy to have been apart of his era and to had the opportunity of seeing him in concert.

It is unfortunate and untimely death of an wonderful artist. My condolences goes out to his family, staff and fans alike.

We will keep him alive through his music.


Prince “Purple Rain”

Community Outreach April 18, 2016

This week I have decided to begin my community outreach here in Oregon and make it bigger than ever. I love to give back because not only do I remember when I needed things for my boys and I, family wasn’t there or they picked sides as to which story they were going to belive since I’m a strong woman I typically don’t need help.

There comes a time in life when everyone can use a helping hand. This is how I started giving back to the community when I lived in Texas for a number of years. I partnered with Dallas Police department gang unit (my son’s basketball coach was over the organization) we had the same vision about reaching our teens before they get caught up with the wrong crowd.

I then partnered with a former NFL player and hosted a back to school event at his barber shop, which hence the reason for me starting to reach out to our community for support. I know you are reading this and stating that the kids are not out of school yet! Yes,I am aware I have a 16 year old currently in school as well, but waiting until the last minute is not my style.

This is week one idea and goal:

Get a large Ziploc bag for storage which helps keeps items from spilling and so forth. Listed below you will find ideas for your Ziploc bag geared toward adults but don’t forget about the kids.

Hand-Warmers – we put a couple packs in, especially during the winter, but even for those chilly evenings in the spring/summer/fall these would be very welcome. We buy a pack of 40 at Costco  for around $15 ($.38/pk) & then we have these on hand for blessing bags as well as camping, winter sports, etc.

Bag of Quarters – These are nice to include for washing clothes at the laundromat (we just put them in a snack-size Ziploc bag to keep them contained in a smaller area

Bottle of Water – Mini water bottles work great so they don’t take up too much space or if you can fit a regular size water bottle

Band-Aids – these are something that may often be needed but may not be something they would be able to spend money on or think about having.

Baby Wipes – a small pack of baby wipes would be a great one to include to help with feeling clean & fresh

Hand Sanitizer – another great option to help them feel cleaner

Wash Cloth – buy an inexpensive wash cloth to include.

The dollar store is a great resource for this idea. That’s my goal this week is to have them prepared and ready to give out either at back to school, shelters or the homeless.

Have a blessed day!

Workplace Bullying April 17, 2016

Bully we continue to hear and or read about kids being bullied. Sad to say that those bullies grow up and now I work with a group of them. Since I am not what there organization looks like nor am I related (nepotism at it’s best) I’m bullied.

It is 2016 not only am I dealing with race issues because this organization only has 4 blacks but also being bullied. I have found out that I am not the first one and Lawyers are and have been involved which says a lot and if I had know I promise I would have stayed at my old job until the next organization like this became available.

You say what organization law enforcement, is what I am referring to, those of us in the life so to speak know very well you can be black balled and never promote or anything in law enforcement it’s huge, now add race and bullying to the list.

Now that my health is being affected it is time to take some action,today not sure what that will be but I will keep everyone posted as this unfolds.

Check out the link below for further information someone you may know may be experiencing the same thing I am.

Mitchell: Here’s the first step toward criminal justice reform — Chicago Sun-TimesChicago Sun-Times April 16, 2016

Before urban areas exploded in anger over police shootings, there was talk of reforming our criminal justice system. Civil rights activist Michelle Alexander really kicked off that conversation with her book “The New Jim Crow,” a scholarly look at the failed drug war and the impact that mass incarceration has had on communities of color…

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Criminal history vs. Non Criminal History? April 16, 2016

As we know there are people that have committed a crime did there time and now to go back to crime due to not being able to get a job! That’s one thought, some re-offend  because that is their conscious decision to harm someone or property.

How many companies are missing out on good employees because someone has made a mistake,I’m not talking about sex crimes, violent to non violent? As we know blacks and Latinos are the most arrested and given longer sentences. Fun fact the state of Texas companies aren’t hiring people because they were arrested not convicted (there is a difference) of a violent or non-violent crime. How are people suppose to not re-offend when they can’t even  get a warehouse or call center job?  Jail is not a form of rehabilitation.

The recidivism rate is outrages and there should be guidelines, once a person has shown that he or she can be a contributing factor in their community why is it still held against them?

I must also state I am in law enforcement with a degree in criminal justice and have seen people that learned the first time and never go back through the system but there is always the latter. Judging people is what this country does best no matter the platform.

Should companies be able to remove the box on their job applications asking if someone has been arrested? If so, why or why not? Or should it be case by case basis? The CEO isn’t making the hiring decisions it’s the manager making maybe $9-20/hr depending on the job and the business. Another fun fact did you know companies also get a kick back from the government when they do hire someone with a criminal record?

Tax breaks for hiring ex-cons

Have a great Saturday!