Systemic Oppression in Law Enforcement July 15, 2016

As I sit here at my computer desk deciding on how I want to start my blog today I have good Oprah Winferyand bad feelings about what I am writing about today. Good feelings because I am going to talk about my conversation with the union of the agency I work for ( I will not be disclosing which agency) and bad because I know people are not ready to be honest.

Yesterday, I sat down with the union president and another representative in regards to how I am being treated within the agency, training and so forth. They are great people and I do not believe they are part of the problem they want to see everyone be treated fairly, but they do not want to admit that this agency has systemic oppression issues. I have friends that know where I work and they have looked up my agency and told me well you know why you are having those issues right, didn’t you see who is being represented throughout their agency? I told them yes, being discriminated against never crossed my mind, I had relocated back to this state and was ready to get back to my first love, Law Enforcement.

I advised them of the fact out of 470,000 in law enforcement only 12 percent are black. The president disagreed with this agency having a problem but could not provide numbers or any other information to prove other wise. This meeting was not about pointing fingers we had an honest conversation that led to the same conclusion, denial of systemic oppression, and NOT how do we change the perception of this agency or how do we connect with all applicants?

He continued to refer me back to the sheriff to answer my questions as he doesn’t have anything to do with how the agency hire or select applicants. I took him up on his suggestion and scheduled a meeting with the sheriff.

They posed a question to me and said do you know how many black (African American) applicants have applied? I said no, but the Lieutenant came to me and another recruit who is not black or minority and asked “how did you guys find this position we only use the county website to list positions we are trying to think of other ways” we both advised the lieutenant on how we located the position, therefore this means you aren’t reaching out to all demographics, the table was quiet! How long has this agency been here? Over 30 years, just saying.

Empowering People for Success! This is my goal and if I can sit down with whomever and be able to make a small dent in how this can be changed over time that is what I am for. I live and breathe Law Enforcement and want everyone that want to be in Law Enforcement to feel the love, family, and trust because that is what being in Law Enforcement is about being ONE!

I am writing today to say let’s sit down and be candid, drop the political hat, whose right and whose wrong and go with how do we move forward? My frustration with all this is don’t dismiss a person when they are bringing an issue to the table, follow proper channels and allow the system to determine if it is valid or not, train supervision on how to properly manage employees.

Meeting with the sheriff in a couple of weeks to be continued………..

Turn Your Thoughts into Goals! July 14, 2016



I was a teenage mother, graduated as valedictorian, received academic scholarships and now I am a proud mother of 2 boys, 22 and 16. I will not say it has always been easy but I made sure that they were first. I wanted to become an attorney something about the justice system just excited me. Needless to say that goal did not come to fruition, but what did come was law enforcement, I currently hold a bachelors degree in criminal justice and working towards my master’s degree in accounting.

We here people all or most of our lives say you have to set goals, not planning is a plan to fail etc. The first thing that I learned was how to turn my thoughts into goals, I have ambition, ideas but how do I get to the point where I decided what it is that I want to do and writing them down? Even though I will be 40 this year I was hard on myself because I wanted to have completed my master’s degree by now. What I found out is, as long as I continue to work towards my goal, I have not failed, it is still in reach. There was a woman in my state that I live in and she was approximately 70+, last year she graduated with her degree in anthropology. She did not give up on her goal.

Society has a way of making us feel as though we have to be done with this and that thing by a certain age, time of life, when you are true to yourself it is about what works for you. Blogging I never thought this is where my goal would take me, I knew I wanted to be able to reach out and help people succeed as I have but wasn’t sure as to how to go about it. Well here I am! Here are six easy steps to do to turn your thoughts into goals.

  1. Decide. Think of something you want to do or work towards. …
  2. Write it down. Carefully. …
  3. Tell someone. Telling someone we know about our goals also seems to increase the likelihood that we will stick at them.
  4. Break your goal down. …
  5. Plan your first step. …
  6. Keep going. …
  7. Celebrate.

Number six is the one that everyone stop doing. DO NOT STOP! KEEP GOING!

Encouraging One Another in Rough Times July 12, 2016

As we all sit and watch the news over the last week, with today having fallen officers memorials and such. We are questioning ourselves as to who is right and wrong in all the killings no matter the ethnicity, do you really love or can learn to love another that doesn’t look like you, talk, shop, raise their children (child), food selections, sit next too? Without feeling some type of way (barring you have not been wronged) needless to say no matter what someone or group has said about you or your culture how do that effect your life? Why allow one person to determine what your day is going to be like because they said something you did not agree with? As, I am currently going through racial tension at my current job I understand the frustration with law enforcement as that is my career of choice, but I also understand being a minority in law enforcement you are banned from the beginning if law enforcement agencies cannot respect minorities on the force,corrections,court why expect them to respect them on the street? I live and breathe law enforcement and will until the day I die, we have to have a common ground one day.

I would like to take this time to reflect on the tragedies, though it is very difficult for me to watch the news today I took today off from television and I know some may say they do that every day, or they do not have one in their home. That is great, but for me my entertainment is television, yesterday was so overwhelming that I laid down and woke up it had been 5 hours, for me it is personal as my background is law enforcement as previous stated.

What I would like to say is Encourage One Another, everyone deserves to be loved, liked and appreciated. Being disrespected in any form is not a good feeling as long as we continue to hold grudges and not be true to what society is screaming, what was America built on? I understand both sides of the coin and can see wrong on both sides but where has that gotten me? What has changed since last Tuesday? For those that do not know, North Carolina among 5 other states have voted to not allow police dash cams and or body cams to be released to the public, now where do we go from here when we are suppose to be transparent?

Heavy Heart for everyone!!!!

Bleed Blue For Life!!!