Hatred is the glue that many have used to stay connected to you! Joyce Rodgers January 30, 2018

This can mean a many of things, this falls under my category of bullying, harassing etc Knowing someone is attacking you and you have no idea why apply this message to oneself. This behavior could be on the job, church, relationships, organizations, etc. 

However, it may look as the other person is winning sit back and do absolutely nothing. This is very hard we as humans tend to want to defend ourselves when we feel as though we are being attacked. I have experienced myself, someone, what we call (coming for you) meaning attacking or harassing in any form and you did not send for them. Having this knowledge when I was younger sure would have saved me a lot of heartaches. 

Moving forward in my day I will not put any energy into a lost soul all that will do is give me a stroke. By attempting to destroy someone in the process you are bringing attention to yourself. Non the less this is about how to move on from whatever your situation you are in. 

If this is your current situation ask yourself spending all the time reporting, writing down everything that is a lot of energy. However, the energy you are using is it towards your goal? 

Let us not get distracted by something that is out of our control.

Empowering People 4 Success January 15, 2018

Empowering People 4 Success

We assist people with building their resume and cover letters, Transitional Counseling and Housing assistance. These things will assist people by giving them the tools they need in order to gain the confidence in the area they feel they need assistance with. 

Target women, young adults, and men in the community and surrounding areas in need of assistance with transitioning into stability as well as essential life skills. I have partnered with Dress for Success located here in Portland.

Dress for Success is a great place to shop for business attire for an interview, shoes, jackets, and jeans are also available. Check out their link and get back to me and I will be able to assist you and or someone you may know.

Dress for Success link


Value Village Partnership January 15, 2018

Value Village is a local thrift store here in Tigard Oregon, I have signed an agreement with them and use them as my Fundraiser. What that Intel is collecting donations and delivering the items to Value Village and I will receive money to go towards my non-profit. 

Obtaining a location where I may receive the donations has been a small challenge for me. If anyone perhaps knows of some ideas of locations, please feel free to contact me. 

My goal for my first donation is to collect 200 bags of clothing. 

Value Village



Happy New Year!! January 15, 2018

I know we are currently 15 days into the new year hope this has been a great start to the New Year. For myself, it appears to be a slight continuation from 2017, however, it is in a positive way. I am very excited to see what this year has in store for me. 

If you are local in Portland Oregon please feel free to reach out to me as I am now running my non-profit here in Portland Oregon. Please visit my Facebook page “Empowering People 4 Success” or email me at empoweringpeople4success@yahoo.com.

Let’s begin this journey!

Ms. K