Turn Your Thoughts into Goals!

Posted by Ms. K - July 14, 2016


I was a teenage mother, graduated as valedictorian, received academic scholarships and now I am a proud mother of 2 boys, 22 and 16. I will not say it has always been easy but I made sure that they were first. I wanted to become an attorney something about the justice system just excited me. Needless to say that goal did not come to fruition, but what did come was law enforcement, I currently hold a bachelors degree in criminal justice and working towards my master’s degree in accounting.

We here people all or most of our lives say you have to set goals, not planning is a plan to fail etc. The first thing that I learned was how to turn my thoughts into goals, I have ambition, ideas but how do I get to the point where I decided what it is that I want to do and writing them down? Even though I will be 40 this year I was hard on myself because I wanted to have completed my master’s degree by now. What I found out is, as long as I continue to work towards my goal, I have not failed, it is still in reach. There was a woman in my state that I live in and she was approximately 70+, last year she graduated with her degree in anthropology. She did not give up on her goal.

Society has a way of making us feel as though we have to be done with this and that thing by a certain age, time of life, when you are true to yourself it is about what works for you. Blogging I never thought this is where my goal would take me, I knew I wanted to be able to reach out and help people succeed as I have but wasn’t sure as to how to go about it. Well here I am! Here are six easy steps to do to turn your thoughts into goals.

  1. Decide. Think of something you want to do or work towards. …
  2. Write it down. Carefully. …
  3. Tell someone. Telling someone we know about our goals also seems to increase the likelihood that we will stick at them.
  4. Break your goal down. …
  5. Plan your first step. …
  6. Keep going. …
  7. Celebrate.

Number six is the one that everyone stop doing. DO NOT STOP! KEEP GOING!

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